What is the difference?

Kettle type chips

Lower in acrylamides: average baking temperature is lower than 150°C, much crispier, look like home made.

You can’t find two same chips.

Less seasoning is needed as you can still feel and enjoy a taste of potato.

Continuous flow chips

Higher in acrylamides: average baking temperature – 180°C, thus contains higher percentage of acrylamides.

More or less same shape.

Usually have higher % of seasoning because the taste of potatoes rarely can be felt.

Healthier: less in acrylamides, as average baking temperature is less than 150°C.

– No preservatives.

– No taste enhancers.

– Natural vegetables only.

– Only healthy rapeseed oil is use

(no trans fat).

On request

Tailor made vegetable and potato mix options.

Developing unique tastes for veg mixes.

Product line with EU-wide ECO label.

Private label production is possible on the request.

Our Products

  • 3 vegetables in optimal proportions:
    50% potatoes, 25% of carrots, 25% of beetroots.
  • Premium and natural look.


  • Dill & Pickle (New taste!) – subtle sour pickles & distinctive dills
  • Pepper & Lime: popular among sour and hot food lovers;
  • Sour Cream & Onion: most popular taste in Nordics!
  • Sea Salt – to feel the natural taste of vegetables.

New CHAZZ potato chips with a twist! Premium quality both in design and product;

Created for a real gourmet: additional vegetable added as „a spice” (up to 20%) to make the eating process more enjoyable and let savor every bite. 


  • Sweet chilli – for hot food lovers
  • Pizza: adored by children (tomatoes, olives, oregano)
  • Dill & Pickle – subtle sour pickles & distinctive dills
  • Sour Cream & Onion: most popular taste in Nordics!

The only potato chips from Lithuania! Premium quality both in design and product;

Optimal type kettle crunch with taste you can’t resist let savor every bite. 


  • Sea Salt: taste of a natural potato with a little pinch of salt;
  • Sour Cream & Onion: classical Nordics taste!
  • Dill & Pickle – subtle sour pickles & distinctive dills.


Chazz N18 Line is designed for those who know what they want and what they like.Unique flavours that won’t be found anywhere else. Only natural spices or a mix of them – no preservatives or flavour enhancers.


  • Hemp & Jalapeno: the only cannabis flavoured chips in Lithuania with a bit of spiciness;
  • Truffles: chips with rich truffle flavour;
  • Jalapeno Habanero: intensely spicy for hot food lovers;
  • Cheddar cheese: rich natural cheese flavour. 

New additional flavours of N18 line:


  • Caramelised Onions: first caramelised onions flavour chips in Blatic States;
  • Bloody Mary: chips with rich tomatoes, salt, tabasco and pepper flavour;
  • Mussels in white wine: inspired by French cuisine!


The world’s first Pussy and Dick flavour chips.

Flavour for brave and free people – designed to test friends’ courage, openness and sense of humour.

These chips are packaged in a stylish box – making them a great choice for a gift.


  • Lithuanian meat dumplings “Cepelinai” – inspired by the most popular dish in Lithuania!
  • Legendary “pink soup” or “šaltibarščiai” – freshness that takes You to real Lithuanian summer;
  • Ukrainian Borscht – a flavour, made to thank and show support for Ukrainian people. All profits from every bought pack go to Ukraine!
  • Most popular vezetables in mixes or solo. Soft and crispy because of optimal thickness. Could be produced as your private label: carrots or beetroots solo, or carrots and beetroots together.
  • Sea Salt